Amazon Jungle is a company that produces highly nutritious drinks made from the extract of the Organic Açaí Berry. Our berries are sustainably sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The products are 100% natural and include a balanced mix of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants, giving you a boost the way nature intended.

Many people consume products made with the Açaí berry in the hopes of increasing energy, battling ailments, reducing high cholesterol levels and to suppress the effects of aging. People also look to the Açaí berry for it's detoxification properties and it's ability to stimulate weight loss. Due to the seamlessly endless health benefits deriving from this incredible berry, Açaí has rapidly gained in popularity, and has become a dietary staple of many world-class athletes, as well as a ubiquitous source of nutrition found in fitness centers around the globe.

Amazon Jungle beverages enters the North American market as the best option for those looking for the perfect mix of flavor, energy and a balanced diet. Our factory is located in the state of Florida. It's designed to operate on a large scale, producing the most elaborate Açaí-based drinks, made with premium organic, non-GMO ingredients.

The launch of Amazon Jungle in the United States contributes to the increasingly popular practice of consuming nutritious, organic products necessary for a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to announce that Amazon Jungle beverages will soon be designated as fair trade certified.

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